Bedbugs love to hitch rides in the cloth blankets and pads used to wrap furniture, and they can turn the moving process into a nightmare. As these materials are traditionally used multiple times and washed infrequently, if ever, they can become a fertile breeding ground for bedbugs that simply get moved from one job to the next.

Some movers boast that they spray their vans for bedbugs once a month, but this means that the vehicle can be used up to 30 times between treatments. If any one customer—residential or commercial—during that period has bedbugs, there’s a very good chance you’ll get them, too.


The Bedbug-Free Unique 3-Step Moving Protocol

With our simple but effective 3-step moving process, we can guarantee our customers the peace of mind of a bedbug-free move:

• Step One: Pre-Move Inspection

Prior to your move, at your option, one of our NESDCA-certified canine teams inspects your new home or business location to ensure that it’s bedbug-free. Our highly-trained dogs can detect the presence of bedbugs and their eggs with 97% accuracy.

This Pre-Move Inspection is optional, but highly recommended.

• Step Two: Heat Treatment

The night before the move, all staff uniforms are heat-treated to eradicate any bedbugs and their eggs. As an added precaution, we never use the cloth packing blankets that typical movers re-use over and over. Instead, we use heavy duty single-use paper pads and shrink wrap to protect your valuable belongings. And we use only new moving boxes rather than re-use boxes from previous jobs.

• Step Three: Moving Van Inspection

On the morning of your move, the van and all materials and staff associated with your move are inspected by one of our highly-trained, NESDCA-certified canine teams. In the unlikely event that bedbugs are detected, they will be exterminated immediately prior to dispatching the truck so your move can proceed as scheduled.


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