• Astounding Bedbug Detection Accuracy

Our specially-trained detection dogs are certified by the NESDCA, the leading organization for scent detection canines, and can find bedbugs and their eggs with up to 97% accuracy.

• Keep Your Home and Business Bedbug-Free

The extra precautions we take in our Bedbug-Free Move keep bedbugs out of our moving van, your belongings, and your home or office. For added protection, and at your option, we can also inspect your new space for bedbugs before you move in.

• Avoid Chemicals, Costs & Inconvenience

Our Bedbug-Free Move costs up to 90% less than expensive extermination treatments, with no chemicals, no inconvenience, and no sleeping in the bathtub required.

• Save Time & Trouble

Our bedbug sniffing dogs can complete their inspections usually in less than one hour, potentially saving you months of having to deal with a bedbug infestation.

• Private & Confidential

Our movers and canine inspection teams arrive in unmarked vehicles to ensure the utmost discretion.


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